About Us


My name is ANDISWA NGCOBO , however i prefer being called ‘ ANDY. I was born in Kwa-Zulu Natal (SOUTH AFRICA). Ive always believed that a person should Embrace what they were born with because its beautiful,  that your natural hair is ‘ROYALY”  which is why I decided to make at Andy Royalty HAIR CARE .

Growing up I’ve always been that girl with lovely relaxed hair , I’ve always loved to take care of my natural hair. A Year ago i decided to do some research on what essential oils are good for hair growth because at a point my hair just stopped growing . I realized that the continuous use of Chemicals that i had been using on my hair monthly, the relaxers and moisturizes i was using contains harsh chemicals as result my natural hair was now thin, uneven and no longer growing.

So i took the biggest step i never ever thought id take in my life  which is to cut my hair completely so i can grow it at its natural state as possible , no relaxers ,no harmful chemical . I approached a company to formulate hair growth oil using cold pressed essential oils , to do a shampoo that contains natural essential oil , a hair conditioner that help soften the hair while growing it as well and an edge gel to help lay edges and style hair which also must contain an essential oil . AFTER months of testing the product on my natural hair and certain individuals. I received a positive feedback.

People started to ask me everywhere I go, ‘ what do you use for hair ?’, ‘wow the growth is amazing  so is the volume of your hair’, even the people i had given the product to try it, they were more than amazed. 

What motivated me to formulate at Andy Royalty Hair Care is the love of natural hair , my aim is to help people maintain health hair , bring back peoples confidence of having beautiful natural hair , it doesn’t matter the length but healthiness of the hair , restore hairline , help people with thin hair and assist with hair growth.

Andy Royalty hair care is recommended for both Adults and kids. Each product contains a combination of the following essential oil( MORINGA OIL , OLIVE OIL , CASTOR OIL, PEPPERMINT OIL, ARGAN OIL , TEA TREE OIL , JOJOBA OIL AND many other essential oil).

All products have been  tested, PH balance and contains no harsh chemical. NO Parabens, NO SULFATES AND NO HARSH CHEMICALS. All products are formulated and manufactured in SOUTH AFRICA.

When a flower doesn’t bloom, YOU fix the environment in which it grows,  just like your hair, when your hair doesn’t grow …you fix your scalp by making it moist daily, you wash and condition it at least twice a week so your hair can grow as healthily as possible .Main purpose is hair growth and to seal and maintain moisture so any hair type can benefit.